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Welcome to inuyasha, a community dedicated to the anime/manga Inuyasha. (Duh.) I would really like to think that I have the time to explain to you what Inuyasha is, but unfortunately... yeah. It is a cool show nonetheless. If you don't know what it is, don't be ashamed... join the community, ask questions... we're all here to help. We love you. Yes we do.

This community is moderated by a single entity... itameru. That would be me. *laugh* Um... I sometimes randomly dissapear for bits of time, so if you have problems in the community, you'll have to e-mail me and explain your dilemma. I have the final say in things, but don't worry, I'm nice. Oh yeah, Jessi was the original founder of the community, but she bestowed maintainership to me. Yay.


If you want to survive... which I think most of you do, please do not break these rules. If you do decide to just... ignore them... a number of things could happen. For example: banning, post deletion, me yelling (ahhh!), suspension, public mockery, tar and feathering, and forced slave labor.

1. Keep posts on topic, for the love of God. We are not here to discuss how your pet fish learned to tango. (Though that would be rather interesting... if anyone ever accomplishes that.... IM me. *laugh*) But anyways... you get the point. Stay on task, or face my wrath.
2. Make sure all fan art and fan fic posts are clean. We have children here. And as sexy as Inuyasha may be, some of us don't want to see him in his birthday suit. If you honestly just can't resist... post a huge disclaimer in flashing red letters.
3. Avoid Double Posting.
4. Omg! Avoid Double Posting! ... See? Its annoying. If someone already told us that episode 67323 was released, we don't need to be told again... and again... and again...
5. Plugging other communties is fine, so long as that's not all you do, and that the communities are worthwhile and related to Inuyasha. I'm sure that "I LOVE SOCKS!" is a great place... or something.... but really...
6. NO QUIZZES... Unless they are cut and there is other content in the post as well.
7. The Following Items are to be cut at all times.
   a. Images larger than 150 x 150 of 100k
   b. Polls
   c. Quizzes
   d. Spoilers
   e. Long, huge, gigantic posts.
   f. Huge links that extend to infinity and beyond
   g. Anything Annoying.
8. No !@#$%^& Swearing!! This includes in comments people... if I find it, I will delete it. I'm only talking about the six main swear words... I know there's seven or something, but I can never think of the last one. Just so there is no confusion the words are: P, B, A, S, D, F. Yaaaay.
9. Don't bash other people and communities... we are a nice group of people, don't go creating drama. Unless its DRAMA DAY! or whatever. *cough*
10. Have fun! Inuyasha has plenty of lovin to go around.

Coloring Contest
We recently entertained the first of a series of contests at inuyasha, where entrants were asked to color one of four pictures. The winner of the contest was nursemette with her beautiful coloring job on Kikyou (seen below.) Although, all of the entrants did exceptional work, and I'm very proud of all of them.
Inuyasha and Kagome :: by br3nnaInuyasha and Kagome :: by nyliramllessurKikyou :: by eidnaKikyou :: by mettekrangnesSesshoumaru :: by mettekrangnesInuyasha and Kagome :: by bloodgoddess Sesshoumaru :: by yura


Inuyasha is not copyrighted to me... nor anyone in this community. All fanworks are [assumed to be] original and are therefore copyright of those who made them. Not the characters themselves... just like... the concepts and methods. Um... also... I am not responsible for content found off this little journal thing.... Its all in good fun. Please don't abuse it.

Questions and Concerns
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